Our products, what we don’t like to call products, are indeed stories. Every handmade product has a story, of the hands that crafted it, of the weaving knowledge that has been passed down from generations and a story that is yet to find space in the mainstream. While we work with the artisans and weavers to maintain the authenticity of the local craft communities, we also share market trends and learning to aesthetically innovate crafts in a unique manner.



Sustainability lies at the core of our products, we constantly endeavour to offer organic, eco-friendly products and emphasise on natural and upcycled products that take you closer to living a healthier, greener and nature-inspired lifestyle. Be it the organic, paraben and lead-free skincare or the smokeless charcoal-free incense, we strive to provide you with an alternative lifestyle that helps to reduce your carbon footprint.


Our curation is what sets us apart. A unique mix of handpicked products, the range includes organic skincare, recycled paper, handmade jewellery, handwoven textiles, natural aroma, accessories and home décor. Exquisitely curated products, the selection is a carefully handpicked range of innovative craft products.